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A Few of Our Services

Barrier Coats & Barrier Gowns

Our Barrier Coats & Barrier Gowns are a high-count, densely woven fabric made with nonlinting, continuous-filament polyester fibers that offer excellent fluid resistance. This item has polyester knit cuffs and a backless design for added comfort. 99% Polyester/1% Carbon.


Our PerforMAX 100% synthetic scrubs perform like athletic wear to move heat and moisture away from the skin while remaining light and dry. In addition, the incredible soft, smooth texture glides easily without catching or grabbing. 

Lab Coats

Our SILVERtouch lab coats are infused with a solution called SilverClear. This solution makes our lab coats part of the next generation of anti-microbial textiles, and help provide your patients and doctors with an added level of protection against bacteria.

Barrier gowns, lab coats, scrubs, and all your linen needs are available. We make it our top priority to provide what you need when you need it.

Patient Gowns

Our standard patient gowns are designed with your patients and doctors in mind to make exams easy and stress-free. Made by PerforMAX, our patient apparel resists shrinking and fading, keeping these gowns looking newer and more comfortable than traditional blended gowns.

Bed Linens

We carry a full-line of bed linens specifically tailored for the medical industry. These include flat sheets, fitted sheets, pillow cases, draw sheets, blankets, & more!


We offer a wide variety of towels that includes terry towels (wash cloths, hand towels, & bath towels), surgical towels, & microfiber towels.

Entrance Mats

These mats are specifically designed to capture dirt, debris, and other materials that get tracked in from the outside. As visitors “walk off” them, the debris remains trapped in the fibers of the mat.

Walker Medical Linen Services

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